ICSB is a customer-orientated refractory supplier of various kinds of refractory products. In 1986, ICSB office was established in Subang Jaya while the factory is located in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, supplying self-developed refractory products such as conventional castables to the local steel mills, foundries and boiler manufacturers. In 1989, ICSB was officially appointed as an exclusive agent in Malaysia to supply refractory products from Siam Refractory Industry Company (SRIC), a subsidiary of Siam Cement Group, Thailand. SRIC is one of the biggest refractory manufacturers in the world. With a wide range of refractory products available and support received from SRIC, ICSB has successfully become one of the major refractory suppliers in Malaysia, penetrating its businesses into steel, cement, tin smelting, boiler, foundry and aluminium industries.

Today, ICSB can even supply a more comprehensive range of refractory products and equipment, being given an exclusive distributorship rights in Malaysia by Puyang Refractories, one of the biggest refractory manufacturers in China.

With the support we received from the renowned principals, apart from supplying comprehensive range of refractories and equipment, ICSB is also able to provide any metallurgical assistance to our customers.

Our refractory products range include insulating bricks, gunning mixes, fettling mixes, ramming mixes, spraying mixes, castables, plastic materials, flow control products, sub entry nozzle, ladle shroud, stopper rod, and slide gate plate. A substantial range of other major consumables and specialty products is also available which include cored wire, graphite electrode, rolls, thermocouple and steel sampler.